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FOX Business
May 2, 2014 11:00am EDT
to impose actions on russia. we are united in our unwavering article five commitment. including german aircraft joining nato patrols over the baltics. we are united in our support for ukraine. the very important imf program approved this week. they disarm and stop provoking violence. pro- russian militants are still holding observers, including four germans, as well as ukrainian exports. they have been paraded in front of the media and forced to make statements at the barrel of a gun. it is disgraceful and un- excusable. finally, as both angela and i have repeatedly said, we want to see a diplomatic resolution andrew -- in ukraine. diplomatic and economic. it is estimated that $100 billion will exit russia this year. in short, russians actions are making an already weak economy even weaker. we have been consulting closely with our european and g-7 partners. the russian leadership must know that if it continues to destabilize eastern ukraine and disrupt this month residential collection, we will move quickly on additional steps including further sanctions that will impose greater costs.
FOX Business
Apr 29, 2014 11:00am EDT
decision, not a scientific one. this is politics at its mouth here. stuart: russia's vladimir putin. why don't we -- why don't we in america approve the export of liquefied natural gas? that would give us a great deal of leverage on energy over vladimir putin. >> absolutely. another example how our president does not understand that having a strong domestic economy, strong domestic energy policy translates into leverage on the geopolitical scale internationally because we could reduce russia's revenue from exporting their liquid natural gas by getting into the market. we could reduce that by 30% and keep in mind that 50% of russia's tax base comes from the sale of oil and natural gas but to many of our friends and allies in western europe. stuart: the president obviously knows this coming knows that if we export big time to europe we get leverage over vladimir putin. he knows this, why does he keep denying -- is it 23 permits that are on the table at the moment for the export of liquefied natural gas that are being held up? the president knows what is going on. why does he hold it up? >>
FOX Business
Apr 28, 2014 11:00am EDT
. president obama announced a new against russia today. targeting seven russian government officials, 17 companies with links to put in. kt mcfarland joins us now. only a few more individuals, no industries targeted. putin himself not targeted despite "the new york times" story yesterday. if these sanctions had real bite, the stock market would be down 100, not up 100. >> he is going to put the sanctions on a few bank accounts. the money has been cleared out of the bank account months ago. a few visa denials. there might have to spend their time in sochi. stuart: the word surrender is a very strong word. >> he will keep going. that is the message to take away from this. there is no penalty for whatever he wants to do. in eastern ukraine with little green men. the russian troops taking off, still in russian uniform. in eastern ukraine, other parts of the former soviet union space. the question is how far does putin go. i think he is going all the way to challenge nato. that is strong stuff. stuart: if he did that, this market would come down. >> there is article five, it is all for one, o
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3